Landscaping is the method by which a structure is tied into the surrounding vegetation, or, in some cases, the reintroduction of trees and ornamental plantings in a way that creates a natural setting for homes and structures.

Landscaping can be use to emphasize or deemphasize features of buildings, create inviting spaces, or encourage a relaxed mood. Well landscaped homes and buildings can deliver clearly understood messages to those who view these buildings in an amazing way. The ideas of welcome, orderliness, relaxation and formality can be easily conveyed to the viewer with the selection and arrangement of the landscape and plant materials. Good landscaping enables the owner to present the desired message while incorporating color, ease of maintenance, and proper selection of trees and plant materials that are well adapted to the climate conditions of the locality.

At Carolina Green, we understand these concepts, and do our best to apply them in a way that will benefit our customers. When we begin a project, Tim will usually make a scale drawing of the property illustrating bed placement, approximate plant placement, and noting where existing trees or shrubs are in relation to the new ones. We encourage our customers to express their preferences in the planning process. High quality landscaping incorporates good planning and great plant materials.

For 38 years, Carolina Green has been dedicated to the use of large, quality plant materials from some of the leading growers of Eastern North Carolina. Locally grown plants and trees are vital to a well-planned landscape to ensure that the variety of plants used are suited to the local climate.

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