What to Plant This Month

Chelsea Perry - Monday, May 01, 2017

If this past weekend was any indication of the weather this summer, we’re in for a real treat! With climbing temperatures and sunny skies, we can spend our days out on the water with friends and family, whether hunkered down in the sand at the beach or cruising the waterways on a boat. However, on days you spend at home, consider starting a summer garden!


May brings warmer temperatures, meaning the soil is in perfect condition to plant seeds. Warm soil allows for quick germination, thus a successful month to grow your favorite plants. However, it is important to know what you can and cannot plant during this month. Below, we will highlight a few kitchen staples that will thrive in the May climate:

- Beets. For a quick crop, plant some beets for a colorful and delicious summer treat.

- Corn. A fast crop to grow, nothing beats the taste of corn right off of the stalk. Perfect for grilling at summer barbeques or mixing into a zesty succotash.

- Melons. A staple for any beach day, melons grow great during the warmer months and serve as a great sweet treat on a hot day.

- Tomatoes. Considered the most popular garden vegetable, tomatoes add a bright pop of color to any summer garden. Consider growing a few different varieties, as there are many to choose from.

The list above highlights just a few of the possibilities you can plant in your garden this month. Be sure to do your research regarding the proper conditions and treatment options to optimize the life of your plant and, ultimately, grow delicious summer treats!

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