Ways to Keep Your Grass Green This Summer

Chelsea Perry - Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Living in a toasty climate can make it challenging to keep our lawns green and healthy throughout the summer. Heat, dry weather and a great deal of foot traffic serve as major stresses for a lot of our lawns, and – by the end of the summer – they can start to look drab and lackluster. Today, we want to touch on a few ways that you can keep your grass looking it’s best!

1. Stay off of your grass as much as possible. We understand that your kids like to play in the backyard and the mailman may take a shortcut through the yard, but try to encourage less traffic on your lawn by providing alternative areas for playing and walking. For example, install a clear walking path to guide visitors to your front door without treading on your lawn, or set up a basketball goal in the driveway to reduce the amount of playtime in the grass.

2. Keep your mower in tip-top shape. Keeping your blades sharp is a surefire way to keep your lawn looking great. A dull blade can shred the blades of grass, making them lose moisture and look dull. Also, keep the blade on your mower high – the taller your grass it, the deeper the roots will grow, encouraging more water flow to the blades!

3. Water in the morning. Between 6 and 10 a.m. is the best efficient time to water your lawn, as less water is lost to evaporation. Since summer afternoons here in eastern North Carolina are typically hot, hot, hot, you’re losing a great deal of water if you run the sprinklers then.

Overall, you can take steps to keep your lawn green and bright all summer long. If you need further assistance, give Carolina Green a call and let us help up your curb appeal and keep your grass green throughout the scorching summer months! We look forward to hearing from you!