Summer Lawn Care Tips on The Crystal Coast

Chelsea Perry - Monday, June 04, 2018

Although it's warming up here on the Crystal Coast, summer is just a few weeks away. How will you keep your lawn, landscaping and garden looking its best this summer season? We've got a few tips below to help you keep your curb appeal up all summer long!


Don't cut your grass too short. Although your grass may grow extra fast in the summer season, cutting it too short can have a negative impact on the health of your lawn. Cutting the law on a high setting can help keep the soil healthy and productive.

Leave your grass clippings. Some lawn mowers collect grass clipping, however these should not be considered waste. If your lawn mower doesn't collect clippings, just leave them be. They'll add nutrients back to your lawn. If your mower does collect clippings, redistribute them throughout your yard.

Supplement watering if rain is sparse. Your lawn needs about at least an inch of water on a weekly basis. Make sure to not over-saturate your lawn. Manual watering should be done early in morning. Pay attention to special plants and flowers that may need additional moisture.

Weeding is essential in keeping a healthy and good looking lawn. Check your yard and flower beds periodically and remove weeds as soon as possible because they grow roots.

For help maintaining your lawn and landscaping this summer on the Crystal Coast, give us a call at 252.223.4363.