Prepping For Spring Gardening

Chelsea Perry - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The weather here in coastal North Carolina is certainly warming up and spring time will be here before we know it. One thing we love about the spring time is planting a garden that provides us fruits and vegetables to eat and cook with throughout the summer! You may think that it's only February and it's too early to start thinking about your spring garden, but it's important to properly prepare and get a game plan for your spring garden! Here are some tips to get prepared to plant!

Decide the location. Determining the location of your garden is so important! You'll want to make sure the location gets the right amount of sunlight.

Grow vertically. Many crops flourish when trellised. You'll want to go ahead and build or purchase vertical supports for your plants including cucumbers, tomatoes and squash.

Start small. If this is your first garden, start with a small one. A large garden can be frustrated and overwhelming. Start small until you master your techniques.

Purchase started plants. You can start with seeds if you'd like, but for beginners, it's often easier to buy small plants that are already starting to grow.

Here are some easy suggested fruits and veggies for beginners:

Tomatoes, squash, lettuce, peppers, carrots and radishes

If you need assistance with setting up your garden, give us a call today!