New Year's Resolutions To Keep Your Lawn Looking Good All Year Long

Chelsea Perry - Thursday, December 28, 2017

We're in a new year, which means a fresh, new start! This year, what will you do to keep your lawn and yard looking its best? We've got a few new year's resolutions for you to keep your yard looking good all year long.


1. Mow grass regularly.

How often you mow and the height to which you cut your grass matters. Mowing regularly will keep your grass growing at its best. 

2. Properly water plants and the lawn.

It's important to not over water, however here in the southeast along the coast of North Carolina, we go through some very dry, hot times. Make sure you're properly watering your flowers and lawn to keep them alive and looking their best.

3. Grow a garden with vegetables.

Growing your own food is very rewarding. A vegetable garden can be prosperous with minimal work. Try planting smaller raised beds with a few vegetables to test your gardening skills. You can always scale up next year.

4. Recycle grass clippings.

Instead of leaving grass clipping on the law, collecting them with your mower and use them as mulch to help enrich soil.

5. Prune your trees and shrubs.

When you prune your trees and shrubs, make sure to only remove a quarter of the tree's crown at a time. Removing more can be damaging, but keeping them properly trimmed can help them grow and keep them beautiful.

6. Plant something new.

Whether it's adding flower beds or planter boxes to your porch, plant something new! It's fun to watch something new bloom and grow. Make sure you find plants that will thrive in our coastal climate.

To learn more about how you can take the best care of your lawn, give us a call. At Carolina Green, we're your source for landscaping, irrigation and lawn care needs in eastern North Carolina.