Growing Tips For Your Coastal Garden

Chelsea Perry - Monday, July 31, 2017

Here on the Crystal Coast, we're very fortunate to have a mild and temperate climate for most of the year. However, being located near the ocean and sound can provide some difficulties in keeping our plants green. Here are some tips to help you grow plants in your coastal garden or lawn:


Choose Plants That Are Salt-Tolerant

Winds can carry salt long distances. Even if you aren't located right on the ocean or sound, salt can still impact your plants by drying them out or even burning them. Choose salt-tolerant plants that are directly on the beach or soundfront and moderately tolerant plants for other areas. Hosing off plants with fresh water will rinse the salt off to prevent damage.

Choose Native Plants

Coastal soil can be difficult to grown in depending on the species you choose. It's best to go with native plants that are naturally suited to coastal climates and soil such as grasses, shrubs and succulents. Planting with a thick layer of mulch will help to hold in water and prevent soil erosion as well.

Water Frequently

Coastal gardens and lawns tend to dry out quickly. Installing an irrigation system can help you to keep your lawn and plants properly watered and thriving. Planting seasonally will also help you to minimize watering. Avoid planting new plants during the heat of the summer when the soil is dry and will require more water than usual.

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